Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I am not sure that I have anything in me worth writing but I enjoy reading enough to try it. I know, that's sort of like enjoying eating and thinking this makes you a cook. Not necessarily true, but not always false.

Myanderings are the meanderings of my mind and today I have meandered into the realm of doctors and insurance and veterans and frustration. My husband had a doctor's appointment at a clinic we have previously used. They have in the meantime changed their policy re; our insurance carrier, who has also changed since we last used it. This confused, frustrated, enraged and made my husband basically incoherent at which point he called me to yell - not AT me, but at me. So, while he was ranting, I got on the other phone, found another specialist, made sure that he took our insurance, made an appointment, called his old doctor, arranged to have his records faxed to the new doctor and still did my office stuff. It's amazing how hard that looks written and how easy it was to do.

Oh, well, it's almost quitting time so I should get all my ducks in a row and write more later.

Catch y'all later

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